Saturday, September 25, 2010

one year down..

One year down.. and many many many more to go. Sept 5, 2010 was our one year wedding anniversary. I still have days where I can't believe that we have been married that long...much less that we are actually MARRIED!! wow..
We went out to eat last night with some other couples, all of them either have kids or are expecting, and I know that makes David feel a bit awkward.. I know his feelings on the issue, he feels like everyone is growing up...and well..they are, because thats life and thats what slowly happens..
They are still the same people, just parts of their lives are changing and becoming something new. And maybe it scares him b/c one day he is going to have to grow up too...he's just putting it off as long as possible.. But he did get married, so he's progressing..slowly but surely.. And can i say, he did marry a pretty good girl.. oh yeh, thats Just playing! But looking back on the last year--I'm so glad that I didn't rush into getting married before I was ready. If it were up to me, we woold have gotten married a long time ago.. and more than likely we would end up getting divorced--i hate to say that, but its probably true. We both needed time to grow and mature before we made that committment to one another, and i'm so appreciative of that time.
So one year is down, I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.. I'm nervous & excited, but I'm also committed to David..I'm ready to continuously love him for the rest of my life, i'm ready to be there for him through all of our ups and downs, I'm ready I'm ready!

I wrote down a quote to read at our wedding but didnt end up reading it.. but i did share it with david when it was just he and I.. I've been thinking about it lately, and how true it is..and always will be between him and I.

--this is is just winging it.. i have it written down, but can't get to it at the moment..

"i stand and watch, as you get closer, you say "sorry I'm late" i smile, and say "no problem", but i think to myself, I could have waited forever".

David and I's relationship was long, and frustrating at times.. but all the while I loved him, and was willing to wait and wait.. and come back each and every time. and he knows that.. and its all because he's my everything.. im so happy to know that we have an anniversary to celebrate each and every year together.. to celebrate our love for one another..i'm so happy to call him my husband..(oh yeh, and my honey

Sunday, September 12, 2010

just not my style..

I'm 23, almost 24..yep, its my birthday.. in 10 days.whooohoo! But anyways, on to my topic. People often ask me when I'm going to start "going out" and having a good time. (like going to the bar, club, whatever..) I have never been to any of these, if you want to go, then thats your thing.. but going out has never been my style, its not part of my personality. Thats just not my scene. Stuff like that often makes me uncomfortable, just sitting at the bar of a restaurant makes me somewhat feel uneasy. I'm not sure why, but it just does.. maybe its because I'm a little unsocial could play a huge role.
Before david and I got married, one of his biggest concerns was that maybe I was still a bit immature when it came to things.. maybe not too immature, but too young. he expressed that he was afraid that I might have a change of heart and want to start going out and partying and see what i've been "missing".. I have never wanted any part of that, and I won't in the future. I have seen way too many negative things come out of those situations and I'm looking for something other than that.
just my thoughts on the issue..