Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Favorite 2 Year Old

My Two year old is very funny, clever, smart, mischievous, silly & many other adjectives!! I thought I would do a little post about her in this stage of her life. Being two sometimes is very difficult, but its also very fun.
1. Avery's favorite food is still spaghetti. She could most definitely eat it every single night over and over again. When I ask what she would like for dinner, its always "sketti"! Here's a pick from 2014 Christmas and she still loves it just as much now and she did then!
2. Avery's favorite drink is those Dole Pineapple/Orange Juices that come in a can--we recently just started buying those and of course she loves them, I think mostly because the cans are just her size- her and daddy fight over those b/c they both like them so much! She calls them "those can things".
3. Instead of saying "Chips"--she has always said "Pips". And "cupcakes" are "tuptakes". I can't even begin to type out how she says "twizzlers"...its in such a way that only her own momma could understand!

4. She loves to tell us that we are either the #1 or #2 Boss--it changes frequently, and most certainly depends on who's around. I think most of the time Momma is #1 Boss and Daddy is #2, but she loves to play that game with us! We have tried to stray away from her saying who she loves the most or who's the best parent, and so the #1 and #2 Boss thing I think is a safe "game" to play so to speak.

5.She is currently in a "Charlie Brown phase". She loves it! I will ask her, do you want to watch Charlie Brown? And her response every time is, "I call it Lucy, you call it Charlie Brown"-- and let me tell you Lucy is really "wooosey" lol. She watches it over and over! Her favorite is the "punkin one", she really means The Great Pumpkin Patch..ha! The only bad thing is she says "stupid beagle", just like Lucy-- gotta get her to quit that!

6. We all call each other Daddy Bear, Momma Bear, Baby Bear & even the dog has his own name... bossy bear! lol She loves that dog, even when he doesn't love her back. The other morning we were discussing how the dog had gotten sick and I said he may need to go to the vet--Avery was super concerned and needed to pet him at that very moment! She just kept repeating "I need to pet him", like she had never loved on him before. I told David, that's going to be a hard time when his dog years come to an end. He has been there before she was born and always been a great protector over her and most certainly has taken all her love even when he doesn't want to!

7. She loves to have Group Hugs--if David is hugging me and she's in the room, she will announce "group hug" and come running over. Its all very sweet until they get crazy and start licking my face..yuck!! Her daddy taught her that- argh!

8. And of course she loves a good selfie!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Mondays are never the best day of the week--for most people. I always try and think in my mind, that if I would just get a few things ready on Sunday evening, I would be better prepared and be a lot less stressed when the morning rolls around. So this past Sunday evening, I got Avery's lunch and snacks all packed up & I even laid out her clothes for the next morning. Just doing those small things made my Monday morning just a little bit better.
And then you get to work, and its super busy and stressful-but guess what? I made it through, and now its Tuesday! Hip Hip Hooray!!

My church is putting on a Women's bible study & I have decided to join. I am excited and nervous, but I know I need to get out there and get involved and that will help me in more ways than one! We are doing the study "Anointed, Transformed & Redeemed" by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore & Kay Arthur. I have previously done the Esther study by Beth Moore and I really enjoyed it!
In "avery" news.. she is such a character, I tell you what.. She comes up with new stuff all the time. We are just past Christmas and she cannot understand where the Christmas lights have gone and why people took them down- she loves them! Also, my mom got her a babydoll playpen-which she loves to let her babies nap in, however one day I went in her room to check on her and didn't see her- what do you know, she had climbed in the playpen herself and was having a good ole time- she now does this daily. Silly kid.
Recipes are coming in my next post!! I am working on perfecting my lasagna recipe! It is gonna be great!!