Saturday, November 20, 2010

WE will figure it out.

There are certain things I wish to accomplish in our marriage. I understand that it may take some time & patience--but when it comes to some issues, time is of the essence.

1.Trust-- to be able to let it all out. TO not be scared of what the person might think, but to know that you can tell them anything and everything! to know that there are no details about our lives that will be left out, that we can say what we want and need to say

2.Compassion--to put the shoe on the other foot, to open your heart completely to one another.

3. Patience--be slow to speak. Listen to one another, really understand one another. Not let things get to you so quickly. Take the time to spend together and continue to learn new things about your relationship.

4. Admiration-- to look or even think about one another and just be in awe of the love you have for them.

5. Comfort-- to always feel at ease, to feel safe and know that your being taken care of without a doubt. To know when you fall asleep at night they will be there when you awake and love you all the same, if not more..

6. Dependibiliy-- to be a constant, to know that there is always someone to lean on. Someone to pick you up when your falling, hold your hand when your lost, guide you when you might stray.

7. Love-- to always have that flutter in your stomach. To never wanting to let go. Knowing that the other person can never be replaced. Jumping off the edge of the earth just to have them.

These are just a few things that come to mind, in no particular order of course. I'm honestly not sure how to work on these things, or how to exactly accomplish all of this--but I'll figure it out.. WE will figure it out. --together!