Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Unusual/Random Mom Tips

These are my unusual ideas/thoughts that maybe will help other moms along the way..

- Going to the grocery store with your little one? (let me also advise, that I strongly discourage this until they are a bit older, when they are still small enough to stay in the car seat the whole time, that's not bad..but toddler age, it can be more of a job chasing them around) Anyhow, if you MUST go with your toddler, park next to a cart corral. One you get your groceries and get out to the car, its sooo much easier if you can put the groceries up, put the baby in their seat, and then just park your cart right where it belongs-no worries! Otherwise, are you gonna run half way down the parking lot with your child unattended in the car, or if its raining you can't lug them everywhere- and PLEASE put your cart away.. do not park it in front your car or someone else's car!

-Always carry tissues & wipes. In your purse, in their bag, in the car, stroller..everywhere. You will need them and you will use them! And wipes are even good for a dust wipe down in the car as well..haha.

-Do NOT cut your hair off post baby. Leave it long enough to at least go up in a ponytail. No hairdresser should allow a woman to cut all their hair off right after having a baby. Avery was born in June, it was hot, I cut my hair off... BAD decision! You will probably think, short hair will be easier... nope, wrong!!

-Your hormones will be a little messy after you get home from the hospital. (they will be a little hairy at the hospital too) Its ok, just cry it out. Take a shower, stay hydrated and fueled up--food and water. You are doing just fine! I cried a lot when I first came home, I thought I was hurting everyones feelings and thought everyone was mad at me--when really I was just overthinking and emotional. Make sure you rest as much as possible in the first few days at home as well! You will need it. Don't try to do everything, the dishes/cleaning all that jazz will wait!

-Infant months.. Diaper blowout? I swear Avery would have a blowout all the time at 2 am, I was trying to pump and feed her simultaneously- she would be bouncing in her chair with a blanket and blowout time would happen! yuck! One middle of the night episode, it was a blowout UP the front instead of the usual up the back. So its 2 am, I don't want to wake up David b/c he was already back to work- I was scared to death that it would get all in her face, she was crying, I was sweating, only option that came to mind was scissors! So I cut that onesie right off! She had about 100 more was ok! Then I gave her a bath, fresh onesie.. good to go! Ha! Moments like this you will never forget.

-Gas drops (infants) Use VERY little if you MUST. My husband was always the first to run for the gas drops, I always thought they tore her stomach up and she would blowout her diaper every time!! Bicycling the legs always did the trick for me, we would sit out on the front porch and sing "row row row your boat" and bicycle those legs, she loved it and it always helped!
-Orajel-Get some! I prefer the Hyland Brand from walgreens-its clear and more like liquid, unlike orajel which can be colored and jelly like. Just trial and error, some swear by teething tablets. Just be careful though when they get a mouth full of teeth, Avery's bites me and thinks its hilarious. It HURTS!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Here are some of my "Momfessionals"... Yes, I realize I have only been a mom for a short period of time, 2 years, but I'm a mom no matter what the time length may be.

1. I don't like chocolate or sweets, and I do NOT like giving them to Avery. I have tried to be relaxed about it, but I do not like it one bit! For example, the other night I was in the bedroom folding laundry, and I could hear David telling Avery "no, hold it down here, don't touch it, its sticky", my first reaction is, she's eating a big deal, those are ok... I walk in to find this

Eww!! Don't get me wrong, I do NOT want Avery to be picky like I am.. but I just do NOT like candy. AND to top it off, it was bath time after this sucker episode and she walks in the bathroom with GUM in her mouth-they were eating a blow pop.. GAG!! I told her to give that to her daddy, and I must have scared her because she immediately started crying and ran in there to her daddy.. oops!

2. I have a real fear when going to the grocery store. Avery is at that age where she wants to ride in the big part of the cart, and it terrifies me to death, she loves to lean over the end and I can just see her tumbling over and onto the concrete floor. Also, if she's not riding, she loves to run around and I just know at the end of the aisle someone is going to turn the corner and smack right into her with their cart. Needless to say, I don't go to Wal-Mart with her by myself!

3. Over packing. I definitely am an over packing mom. I'm sure the teachers at Avery's school think I'm sending enough food and drinks for two kids instead of just one, but I just don't want her to be without. I think I'm doing better, but its better to be prepared than not. Just packing for an ordinary trip to go shopping, I'm pretty bad about too. I always carry at least 8 diapers, an entire bag of wipes, and 2 extra outfits. Plus I always have an extra set of shoes and socks, and a box of wipes in the car at all times. I do not have an infant anymore, but I ran out of diapers ONE time and I will never let that happen again. I was attempting to switch formula one time, and that wasn't going so well for Avery's belly- I changed that girls diaper 4 times in a matter of an hour, and then I was out--we went straight home, and I have never ran out of diapers again! Live & learn. ha!

4. I hate to admit this, but I sometimes tell Avery things are "broken" when I don't want her to play with them, or get something out. She will eventually catch on, as of right now she will say "Daddy fix it?". Yep, Daddy's gotta fix it!

5. Diapers.. I hate changing diapers! It feels like you change one, 5 minutes later, ya gotta change it again. Not to mention, when they think its funny to roll around on the changing pad- putting their hands everywhere, demanding powder.. good grief! Use the potty already! haha! We are trying the potty out from time to time.. not rushing. But oh my! And plus, diapers are soo expensive, I just bought some and I think I'm about out again.. goodness! Joy! I am glad that I finally got her off the bottle- before she turns 2! That situation in itself gave me PURE anxiety!!