Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Months.. good grief!

5 Months.. are you kidding me?? seems like 5 weeks instead.
Age: see above.. 5 months..
Weight: have not had a current weigh in for this month, but I'm gonna guess about 14 pounds, I think she has finally doubled her birth weight!
Height: same as the weight, no current height check but i bet she is at least up an inch from last month
Hair/Eye color: Blondie! Sometimes it really looks red, but its mostly just blonde. Eyes are becoming much lighter blue
Likes: loves to laugh at the dogs, and bathtime of course! still enjoys riding in the car, and is happy to just go with the flow.
Dislikes: there isn't much that can upset this girl, unless she's super hungry and you aren't getting the bottle fast enough.. or if the Imagination movers are on disney--she doesn't like that!
Memorable Moments/New: she is really looking you right in the eye now which is really sweet (she would always look in your general direction) but she is now looking you straight in the eyes! We layed her down in the floor and let Boscoe walk around and she just laughed until she couldn't laugh anymore--he didn't even touch her.. it was pretty cute! Starting to really slobber alot, I'll be curious to see if some teeth start showing up soon.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Being a working mom is tough. I have to admit, I have a very blessed life. I am able to have someone come into my home and take of my little one while I am working. That does not make me feel any less guilty by any means. I wish I could be at home with her each & every day, going on outings, and just watching her every move. I know I will miss alot of milestones/firsts... but I know that to provide for her financially I have to work.
Avery is such an easy going girl, which does make things pretty easy. But don't get me wrong, we all have our moments. Tiredness, stress, irritability- all these things are normal, & we just work through it. She is a wonderful night sleeper, but let me be honest, she does sleep in the bed with us. I know what your thinking, we are gonna regret this, but ya know, its what works for us at this moment, so thats why we do it. She enjoys it and so do we.. and one day we will get our bed back, even if that means when she's 4 years old. oh well!
We don't really have any sort of schedule. We feed when she's hungry, which is usually every 3-4 hours. But if she acts hungry after 2 1/2, by all means I will be glad to fix another bottle, no big deal. She sleeps when she gets tired- some days she takes a few hour long naps, other days she may only take one or two 15 minute naps. We do tummy time until she's had enough of that, read books, swing, sit outside when the weather is nice, and watch DisneyJr or the Baby Channel (yes, i let her watch tv..) I don't always give her a bath every day, but sometimes I do. I normally shoot for every other evening, she enjoys it so much and just loves to splash splash splash!
Life has its moments.. But as a mother, I'm learning that my life is now my child. Yes, I do remember that i have a husband too, and dogs. But life has certainly changed, and I am certainly blessed more than I know.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 Months..

I can't hardly believe that we are already here..
Age: 4 Months (wow!!)
Weight: 12 lbs 6 1/2 ounces. I'm so excited! She is getting soo big, I love to see her grow and change each and every day.
Height: 24inches (always growing in length for sure) Tall and skinny girl (dr said she is in the 25th percentile) but he said she is just going right along as she has since the day she was born and looks really healthy
Hair/Eye color: Blondie! Daddy says her eyes are looking gray, but really they are just getting a lighter blue color
Likes: loves watching the Baby Channel, and anything on Disney Jr, she loves to talk talk talk to the tv as well. Loves bath time still, and playing "earthquake" on the bed..haha! she will just laugh and laugh.
Dislikes: she's still an easy going girl, there isn't much that makes her mad, except the hiccups..that will aggravate her- and still doesn't enjoy being burped!
Memorable Moments: Still hearing that giggle is the best thing! She is really starting to grunt alot- Daddy always thinks she is pooping, but nope! just making new noises, and starting to squeal sometimes too. She is really starting to keep an eye on the dogs now and watches them very intently!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The love I have for my child..

There is nothing in this world that I love more than my baby. No matter how much she cries, whines, throws a fit, is terribly restless, no matter what the circumstance may be, I still love her. I cannot become ill towards her, or treat her any different. No matter how tired I am, or how much I feel like I need some time to myself, she is my number one priority, and I come after that.She is just a baby, she can't help it, she can't tell me whats wrong..that my responsibility and job to figure it out! It hurts me and aggravates me to see people post all over facebook how their baby just won't sleep enough, or cries too much, poops to much, drools too much or whatever. Yes, we all complain about things.. but the baby should be the absolute LAST thing that causes strife in your life. What an absolute BLESSING and miracle of life we have been given.. and we choose to complain about it??
Often times, I do feel overwhelmed, but things can Wait! Who cares if there is 40 loads of laundry or if your husband is ready for dinner... HE can WAIT! (or fix dinner himself..haha) I'll sleep later, even it that means when they are 10 years old.. I'll eventually catch up on the sleep. When they get older, I will miss their innocent crying and whining. I will miss the feeling of holding them and rocking them for hours on end, just comforting them. I won't be able to do all this for long. So instead of complaining about it nonstop--enjoy it. Love them, don't complain about them.What if you don't have another baby or aren't able to? YOu will be kicking yourself for all the complaining you did. Just love them.. please. (and yes, I'm fully aware that you can love AND complain.) But whats the point, don't waste that time complaining on Facebook when you can be praising, playing, and loving your baby.
Thats all my ranting for today.. if you don't like it.. Oh well! I guess you can just complain about it! ha!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3 Months

3 Months old already..Holy cow! Baby's looks are changing everyday, and talk about growing! Good Grief!
Age: 3 Months
Weight: haven't had her weighed since her 2 month check up, but its gotta be up to 10-11 lbs for sure!!
Height: 22 inches (always growing in length for sure) again, haven't been measured, but it seems like every day she is getting longer and longer!
Hair/Eye color: hair is still blonde/dirty blonde. Some people say it has a little reddish tint, so a little strawberry blonde as well. Eyes are beginning to lighten up from the dark blue, but are still blue for sure ( i hope they stay! )
Likes: loves to watch her mobile, she will just grin and grin (its just too bad you can't set that thing up on a timer, I just have to keep cranking it up over and over, ha!) loves bath time, and really splashing it up!!
Dislikes: she does not like it when she gets fed by daddy.. he likes to burp often and she gets a little irritated. But other than that she's a go with the flow kinda gal
Memorable Moments: Laughing (a real giggle) started this month! I work and work to get her to laugh and she finally did it! only like 3 times so far, but gee whiz its the cutest thing ever! She has previously rolled over but now is doing it like crazy.. LOVES tummy time, which is new as well! At first she struggled so much because her head is so big, haha, but now she will play for a long time on her belly. We also got a bumbo chair, and I just love it!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Food! Fried chicken goodness!

The husband has been asking for fried chicken for a while now, and I can honestly say I'm not a big fan of it really. KFC is not one of my regular stops to say the least. So I researched recipes and he wanted me to try out Paula Deens. The recipe was simple, the only different thing I did was brine the chicken for a few hours. Wow! It was deeelicious!! The best! Wow again! Crunchy, juicy, and fully cooked! Ha! I'm so afraid of chicken and being undercooked and bloody-yep it's happened! But not this time! I was so proud of myself, and I enjoyed every bite! 
I used 4 drumsticks and 3 thighs, skin and bone in. Put in a big container and covered with water and added in about 1/4 cup of salt probably. Seems like a lot but there was a lot of water. Let that set in the fridge for a few hours. 

Whisk 3 eggs with 1 cup of franks pepper sauce 
Dip chicken in the mix
Then put 2 cups of self rising flour in a large dish and season with garlic salt and lots of pepper
Dredge chicken in flour and shake off excess
Heat oil in a cast iron skillet ( I used my Dutch oven) to 350 degrees 
Put chicken in very carefully and cook for 15 minutes, turning every few minutes
Continue cooking in batches until all done

I put the chicken on a cooling rack and then put in a 190 degree oven to keep warm. 


Being a mom is rewarding, but definitely hard. I envisioned so many things, but they didn't always turn out exactly as I would have liked.
I was totally all for breastfeeding & when the baby got jaundice, she was so aggravated and did not want to. So I decided to pump. Gee whiz is that a LOT of work. At first, I was pumping every 2 hours. Whatever she needed, I had to provide. It was no big deal when the husband was here, but when he left to go back to work, there were many pumping sessions of the baby laying in my lap or her bed crying b/c I wasn't able to tend to her properly while i was hooked up. Going places was practically torture or rushed b/c I had to be home in order to pump, or I would definitely regret it (b/c of the pain of waiting). At first it wasn't bad b/c she couldn't eat all the milk that I was producing...but then her appetite started to pickup and I just couldn't get that much out.
So, I set a goal that I would pump until she was 6 months old. The task seemed very daunting..needless to say, after many talks and arguments with my husband... I have now stopped pumping. Baby is almost 3 months old, I know many people will be disappointed in me, but 3 months (almost) is better than 3 weeks, or 3 days. I have to know that I gave it my all, but I seriously feel as though I have made the right decision for my daughter. It seemed as though my breastmilk was truly just killing her stomach. If I could have changed my eating habits things might have gotten better, but I can honestly say, that I absolutely can NOT do that. Yes, I probably could make the change for a little while, but without a shadow of a doubt I would cheat and I can't stand the thought of hurting her one bit. So we have switched to formula. Even though I know some may not agree with this, I have to remember that I am her mother, and I have to stand up to my own decisions. the hubs and I have agreed on the decision, and that is what we are sticking to.
She is growing like a weed, and I think she will be just fine! I love her more than anything in this world.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 Months

2 Months old already.. gee how time flies, before I know it she will be crawling and getting into the dog bowls! ha!
Age: 2 Months (as of Aug 4)
Weight: 9 lbs 1 oz.. FINALLY!!! I was so suprised when I took her to the doctor! it was very exciting to see her gain over a pound.
Height: 22 inches (always growing in length for sure)
Hair/Eye color: hair is still blonde/dirty blonde. Some people say it has a little reddish tint, so a little strawberry blonde as well. Eyes are still are dark blue.
Likes: Taking a bath, sitting in your swing- She is starting to focus on the TV some, and loves the Baby channel.
Dislikes: not a fan of having to wait on a bottle, but other than that there isn't much that really bothers her.
Memorable Moments: I was just so happy when I saw the number on the scale this time around at the doctor! It was definitely a shock and it was so encouraging! had to get her first shot this month- I thought she might take it like a champ, but I have never seen that look on her face, poor baby! But as soon as I picked her up, everything was fine, and she was out like a light the whole car ride home.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being a Mom.. a real one, to a BABY

Becoming a mother is quite a trip. Things have definitely changed, some for the better, others not so much. Adjustments have been made for sure, and we are figuring it out. I think (i hope) that being a mom has come pretty naturally to me. I feel like I have a handle on it most days, I am human and I fall apart once in a while (mostly just when theres a major diaper blowout and I need some serious help!!) but other than that I'm good. I feel as though my hormones have balanced themselves out--going back to work has put us all on a better schedule, and I feel like that really helps. I am getting plenty of rest, the baby is a fantastic sleeper, we are surely blessed! She is a wonderful, easy going baby! I love her so much. I just knew the first day back at work I would lose it and just cry, but I held it together, and just reminded myself that I would see her in a few hours, and I did just fine. ( i don't think she really noticed that I was gone.. ) It was hard leaving her, but I knew that she was in good hands and things would work out, and they have.
I can't wait to see the growth/changes of my little girl.. will she look like me? like her daddy? what kind of personality will she have? blonde hair? blue eyes? Will she be a daddy's girl? all these things, I just can't hardly wait. I know I know.. cherish her as a baby--and I will, but I'm just excited about the future and I know it will get here too soon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

New mom, work, hormones, etc

It's back to work I go.. I'm looking forward to getting on a schedule, I am NOT looking forward to leaving my babe. I suppose it's my fault, but I have not left her with anyone except my husband for more than an hour and 15 minutes.. And now I am going back to work, and will have to go about 4-5 hrs without her the first day. How will she do? Will she cry and miss me? What if she just needs to hear the sound of my voice or the beat of  my heart? She is probably a lot tougher than her ol mom. I know I will get used to it and she will be just fine, but its nerve wrecking! 
I just have to be focused and know and remember that it could be worse, I do get to come home and see her everyday on lunch break so that's a major plus! 
I will definitely treasure and enjoy my last few days at home with her, even tho she probably doesn't know and won't know the difference, for a while anyhow. 
I am looking forward to some adult interaction ha! But then I'm sure I will long for some baby interaction too!! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

1 Month Old

I'm thinking if I don't start talking about food on this here blog, I might want to consider changing the name of it!
Our little miss is now officially 1 month old! wow!! It seems like she should really only be about 2 weeks old, but time sure flies, that is for sure!!
Age: 1 month (as of July 4)
Weight: 7lbs 7 oz, still not quite up to birth weight, but we are getting there ounce by ounce, and the pediatrician is encouraged by how she looks and how much she is eating
Height: 20 1/4 inches (long and lean) just like her daddy
Hair/Eye Color: dirty blonde hair/eyes are a super dark grayish blue still ( i will be curious to see if they change or not)
Likes: loves to take a bath, loves to be outside
Dislikes: hates getting out of the bath, and hates having to get her nose suctioned! (who wouldn't right??)
Memorable moments: having a major blowout at 3 am... and then 2 days later, having another major blowout all over your daddy!
You are certainly growing each and every day! I think your looks are changing and your really getting bigger and bigger every day. Sometimes the only thing that soothes you is being up against Mommy's chest and just being held (and thats always a good spot!). Daddy loves to rub noses with you, and I think you just tolerate it for him (haha). You only cry when your hungry or when your belly is upset, and you always get the hiccups in the middle of the night. Overall, your a very good baby and just go with the flow. Your a wonderful car rider and always do good at the doctors office. We took you to Sam's Club and you slept the entire time, everyone ooh'ed and ahh'ed over you, I was one proud Momma for sure!
I can't wait for you to keep growing and get to that 8lb mark, I know it won't be long!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Little One is here!

June 4, 2013 at 11:50 am, weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz, and 20 inches long.. Our little Miss Avery arrived via c-section.
C-Section is not what I had anticipated on, but after being checked and then an extra ultrasound showing that baby was Frank breech, this was our safest option. At 38 weeks, my blood pressure was quite elevated and being on bed rest had not helped much- we asked if we could go ahead and schedule the surgery sooner b/c I was measuring a week ahead anyways-and we were pretty sure the baby was big enough! So the dr called down to see what they could schedule, and they told us to come back and we would have her the next day at 7:30 am (and to arrive at the hospital around 5 am!! ) Needless to say, by looking at the time of her arrival (11:50 am) we got pushed back because 2 girls had to have emergency c-sections, so we got to wait! I have NEVER been so thirsty in my life while waiting! I wasn't able to drink/eat anything after midnight the night before, then add not sleeping at all.. when i finally just went ahead and got up about 3:30 am to take a shower and get ready, i was a basketcase full of nerves, even throwing up in the shower! Go me!
But we finally walked back to the surgery room and I got my spinal block (which they allowed my husband to sit in the room and watch--i didn't know they would do that) but the dr was correct in telling me that it would hurt for about 20 seconds and that would be it- she was absolutely right! It seemed like no time had passed and I was crying as they were pulling her out, and then Dad and baby were whisked off to the nursery. We ended up staying in the hospital from Tuesday to Saturday, with my high blood pressure, and then baby's jaundice levels got to high, it was a LOT longer than I had planned on. We finally made it home though and things settled down, somewhat.. well, not really--who am i kidding. The first week home was ROUGH! I just felt super overwhelmed all the time, feeling like I couldn't get anything done, the baby didn't want to nurse so I am now a pumping machine! and I just felt like I was hurting everyone's feelings and yadda yadda yadda.. ya know, all that great hormonal stuff!
Things are getting on track tho-don't get me wrong, we still have rough patches. But I feel confident and at ease being at home with her. I thought driving with her in the car would give me severe anxiety, but I have a mirror so I can see her in the carseat, and she is a great rider, and I haven't had any problems. (the only problem is that its 500 degrees outside, so I never stop sweating, thats a problem lol) The little miss is a great sleeper, most nights she only gets up one time, and yes, she is sleeping in the bed with us, which i said I would NOT do.. but hey, I'm not perfect. And if she's sleeping, then thats just fine with me.
I am looking forward to going back to work, but then again I'm fearful of leaving her. I'm not far from home, and I will see her everyday on my lunch break-and I'm a first time mom, so there's no telling how its really going to go until the day arrives. It will all work out I'm sure. Thousands of women work and have babies- I can do this! Other than that, things are just going day by day, hour by hour.. I think her looks change each and every day, I love her more and more each and every day, my heart gets fuller and fuller each day- I couldn't ask for more. (maybe just a little break in the heat, I can ask for that right?? ha!)

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I feel like here lately (and in the beginning of my pregnancy) that I have really been getting down & complaining a lot. When you puke everyday for 15-16 weeks, can you really blame a person for complaining?? But in all honesty, I know that I (that David and I) are blessed beyond measure. The first go round with getting pregnant didn't work out the way we wanted it to, and I know there was a reason for that. When we found out we were expecting this time around, we didn't get our hopes up, we tried to stay grounded.. and when the morning sickness took over, I knew everything was going to work itself out--and it has.
Being able to carry a baby inside of me has been challenging, and rewarding. I have truly cherished watching the little babe move around in my stomach, being able to see the expression on Davids face when he felt her move for the first time. Seeing the look in Davids eyes when we found out it was a girl, will always be in my mind. What a wonderful opportunity and blessing to become a mother-I know that she isn't here yet, but just carrying this life inside of me makes me a mom--I think.
I don't know what the future holds, I don't know what she looks like, what she's going to act like, if she will be a healthy baby or a sick baby..but no matter what, she is mine to take care of on this earth, to love and to cherish--its almost like your wedding vows, but its more amazing than that. I don't have to build my love for her, because I already have it. I love her, its so odd, I have never felt this way before-- I feel sentimental all the time--these hormones are crazy ha! So needless to say, I am feeling very blessed each and every day to be able to hold this child in my womb, and I cannot wait for her to get here and I cannot wait to love her for all of my days.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

36 Weeks, Measuring at 37

How Far Along: 36 Weeks, measuring a week ahead though

Total weight gain/loss: 25 lbs. I wish to NOT gain any more either! ha!

Stretch marks: so far so good- still just prominent looking veins for now, which I'm suprised about really- i figured I would get some stretch marks, and maybe I still will??

Sleep: just functioning day to day on what sleep I can get, which in total for each night is about 3-4 hours, 5 if I'm really lucky. At this point I need a drink about every hour, and then I have to get up and use the bathroom every other other- so its a load of fun - and then of course your supposed to sleep on your left side, but then my hips get all achy blah!

Best Moment: having my baby shower a few weeks ago, I was so suprised by all the gifts and everyone that came, it was wonderful!!

Movement: still lots of movement... I was hoping she would get in position by now and stop moving so much-- but thats not the case. hopefully she will make her downward descent VERY soon

Cravings: orange juice (but that's nothing new with me) I love grapes right now; I did have a craving for hot dogs--thats until I literally hurled all night long after eating one (no more hot dogs for me)

Aversions: hot dogs haha--see above! lol

Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: so I've heard the term lightening crotch, I think I'm having that here lately-just shooting pains and pressure down low, but it does go away pretty quick. At this point, I'm just getting nervous, wondering when and what is going to happen (will my body start labor naturally or will i have to be induced/c-section, ya know all those worries)

Belly Button: theres no belly button left, just as flat as my stomach.

What I miss most: good sleep, and unswollen feet... oh my feet are swollen bad!

Milestones/Looking Forward to: Going to get checked for dialation this week (the exam won't be fun, but I will get some good information hopefully) I am just ready for her to be here!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Emotional/Hormonal, is there a difference?

So I think my emotions have gotten the best of me during this pregnancy.. Emotions?? or Hormones?? I'm going to stick with hormones. I can be fine one minute, and then I take something the wrong way, or I don't get my way, and what do ya know, I start crying. I am NOT a crier, never have been. Something serious has to set me off. My poor husband, I hope he doesn't move off on me, like seriously take his stuff and run! Its pretty bad. I tried to warn him, but he's a man, he forgets. He always forgives me though, so I gotta give him credit for that.
I know the next 2 months are really going to be hardcore (hormone wise), I'm doing my best to keep it all in check! I honestly think I have only had about 3-4 breakdowns, 2 of them took place while trying to go to bed. I just feel so exhausted and get super edgy really fast at night. But hey, I have a good excuse- and when I'm not pregnant, I'm a pretty super wife if I say so myself.. HAHA!! (that oughta make ya laugh right?)

Friday, April 12, 2013

How Far Along: 31 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: You know when you go to the dr, this is the first stop you make, they don't even ask you to get on the scale, just very nonchalantly stand in front of it.. So, when I see that number, I think wowza! but really I've only gained about 15 lbs, so I figure that's pretty good.
Stretch marks: no, but my veins on my sides are pretty prominent most days
Sleep: this is a touchy subject. I may get a few hours of sleep in between all the bathroom breaks and refilling my water, its the pits!
Best Moment: feeling her have the hiccups, its pretty neat
Movement: lots of movement, mostly in the evenings-she really goes to town on me that's for sure
Cravings: orange juice (but that's nothing new with me) grapes, and I really want some good watermelon, but I know I have to take it easy on the salt & watermelon without salt isn't much fun
Aversions: french fries, still scared to even try them, so i just don't--and milk in the morning makes me want to yack so no cereal for breakfast for me
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: none that I know of
Belly Button: still regular, looks like its getting flatter and stretching out tho
What I miss most: a good nights rest, over easy eggs
Milestones/Looking Forward to: Going to have my 4d ultrasound next week, I'm super anxious about seeing her features- and having maternity pictures taken this weekend! I hope they turn out good and I don't look like a flubbery mess..haha!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

26 Weeks for Miss Avery Dee

How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I weighed myself this morning-- I have not done this since I was very sick at the beginning and I was quite suprised with the number (as you can see, I'm not going to disclose this information haha)
Stretch marks: not yet.. but its a stretching..
Sleep: Some nights are good, some are bad-- its starting to get somewhat better, it just really depends on how many times I have to get up and pee
Best Moment: My nanna fixed up my bumpers for the cradle with new fabric and I got all that put together--its super cute!
Movement: Movin, movin, movin.. She was moving so much one night I thought I was going to be sick--and of course it was 3 am!!
Cravings: grapes--and i really want panera bread ASAP!
Aversions: french fries, still scared to even try them, so i just don't
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: my stomach gets super tight, and yesterday i was hurting a little bit, but i just sat down and took some deep breaths and I was alright..its hard to explain when this is my first real pregnancy, I don't really know whats going on..
Belly Button: still regular, looks like its getting flatter and stretching out tho
What I miss most: a good nights rest- and this is a weird one (very weird) i have never been a drinker at all, but I have never wanted a strawberry margarita so bad.. crazy pregnancy stuff i guess?? lol I could have a virgin one tho I suppose
Milestones/Looking Forward to: I go to the dr on thursday, have to do my sugar test (not really looking forward to that--hopefully i pass everything) looking forward to my baby shower and getting some pictures taken sometime soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I am now up 6 lbs from my original weight
Stretch marks: not on my belly yet
Sleep: i have actually, finally, gotten 2 good nights rest the last two nights--other than that, its a struggle
Best Moment: David putting the crib together- I was shocked/suprised
Movement: little girl moves all the time, david finally was able to see the baby kick on my skin, it was a bittersweet moment for sure
Cravings: i will eat anything and everything-- nothing funny though
Aversions: french fries
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: none that I know of
Belly Button: still regular, looks like its getting flatter and stretching out tho
What I miss most: Sleep, and french fries.. haha! no, i can live without the fries
Milestones/Looking Forward to: at first I didn't want to do the 4d ultrasound, but now I am anxious to see it.. so I'm looking forward to that! and we finally chose the middle name!

Friday, January 4, 2013

So its been a while..

Its been a long long time.. But here I am, still around and kicking. Exciting news! I am now 16, almost 17 weeks pregnant. I have had all the wonderful effects of pregnancy-which everyone says is a great sign of a healthy pregnancy. My sister had her little girl, Claire, on Sept 17- and I thought I just might cry when her dad brought her through the hallway for the first time after she was born. I spent as much time at the hospital with them as I could get away with. I just felt like I needed to be there. Driving home from by myself the hospital one night, I started to feel very selfish. I felt like it should have been me at the hospital having the baby- I was the one that wanted the baby the most and I didn't get what I wanted. I shared this with my husband and he told me that we would have our time when the Lord blessed us with it.
Two weeks after little Claire had been home, I went to visit and spend some time with my sister--and of course to share the news that I was expecting! Of course she starting squealing..haha, to say she was exciting was an understatement.. I was honestly not expecting to get pregnant--but I had been feeling slightly weird, had restless leg syndrome, been super tired.. My cycle was about 2 days late, and I told myselft that I would wait til i was about 4 days late and then take a test. 4 days came, I went to walgreens, got the test, and rushed home after work to take one before the hubs got home. I just got out of the bathroom and in he walks. I told him, i have something to tell you-- he says, what is it? I showed him the test and he just grinned and hugged me, he was happy. After I peed on the stick, ha, the positive sign came up, and I hate to say it..but my first words were CRAP. I just knew that we hadn't planned this-- of course I wanted to have a baby-- but it was just not planned, so i was taken aback for sure.
I called the doctors office and they started me on progesterone suppository (those are great fun..not!!) and had to use those until i was 10 weeks along. We were able to hear the heartbeat at 6 weeks and again at 12-- going in for the first ultrasound I was super nervous that there wouldn't be a heartbeat like last time.. but sure enough it was there, and David and I were just smiling from ear to ear. It was a great experience to share with one another.
Due Date: June 15 or 17 (they have told me 2 different dates)

Stretch Marks: none yet, just veins showing some more prominently

Weight Gain: Down 13 pounds, but i have gained 4 pounds back

Nauseau: Please see weight gain..haha! I threw up ALOT during the first 14 weeks, its starting to get better though, but i still have some rough days

Boy/Girl: don't know yet.. I think its a boy. Hubs is banking on a boy thats for sure!

Sleeping: have to get up at least once to go to the bathroom, and then I can't get back to sleep-- i don't like not being able to sleep on my back or stomach-my hips hurt!

Movement: i thought i felt something one time in the middle of the night, but I'm not really sure if that was anything really.. other than that, i haven't felt anything

SO there's a little info about whats going on.. sorry its sorta out of sequence, but you get the idea.. Seeya!