Friday, January 4, 2013

So its been a while..

Its been a long long time.. But here I am, still around and kicking. Exciting news! I am now 16, almost 17 weeks pregnant. I have had all the wonderful effects of pregnancy-which everyone says is a great sign of a healthy pregnancy. My sister had her little girl, Claire, on Sept 17- and I thought I just might cry when her dad brought her through the hallway for the first time after she was born. I spent as much time at the hospital with them as I could get away with. I just felt like I needed to be there. Driving home from by myself the hospital one night, I started to feel very selfish. I felt like it should have been me at the hospital having the baby- I was the one that wanted the baby the most and I didn't get what I wanted. I shared this with my husband and he told me that we would have our time when the Lord blessed us with it.
Two weeks after little Claire had been home, I went to visit and spend some time with my sister--and of course to share the news that I was expecting! Of course she starting squealing..haha, to say she was exciting was an understatement.. I was honestly not expecting to get pregnant--but I had been feeling slightly weird, had restless leg syndrome, been super tired.. My cycle was about 2 days late, and I told myselft that I would wait til i was about 4 days late and then take a test. 4 days came, I went to walgreens, got the test, and rushed home after work to take one before the hubs got home. I just got out of the bathroom and in he walks. I told him, i have something to tell you-- he says, what is it? I showed him the test and he just grinned and hugged me, he was happy. After I peed on the stick, ha, the positive sign came up, and I hate to say it..but my first words were CRAP. I just knew that we hadn't planned this-- of course I wanted to have a baby-- but it was just not planned, so i was taken aback for sure.
I called the doctors office and they started me on progesterone suppository (those are great fun..not!!) and had to use those until i was 10 weeks along. We were able to hear the heartbeat at 6 weeks and again at 12-- going in for the first ultrasound I was super nervous that there wouldn't be a heartbeat like last time.. but sure enough it was there, and David and I were just smiling from ear to ear. It was a great experience to share with one another.
Due Date: June 15 or 17 (they have told me 2 different dates)

Stretch Marks: none yet, just veins showing some more prominently

Weight Gain: Down 13 pounds, but i have gained 4 pounds back

Nauseau: Please see weight gain..haha! I threw up ALOT during the first 14 weeks, its starting to get better though, but i still have some rough days

Boy/Girl: don't know yet.. I think its a boy. Hubs is banking on a boy thats for sure!

Sleeping: have to get up at least once to go to the bathroom, and then I can't get back to sleep-- i don't like not being able to sleep on my back or stomach-my hips hurt!

Movement: i thought i felt something one time in the middle of the night, but I'm not really sure if that was anything really.. other than that, i haven't felt anything

SO there's a little info about whats going on.. sorry its sorta out of sequence, but you get the idea.. Seeya!