Tuesday, March 12, 2013

26 Weeks for Miss Avery Dee

How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I weighed myself this morning-- I have not done this since I was very sick at the beginning and I was quite suprised with the number (as you can see, I'm not going to disclose this information haha)
Stretch marks: not yet.. but its a stretching..
Sleep: Some nights are good, some are bad-- its starting to get somewhat better, it just really depends on how many times I have to get up and pee
Best Moment: My nanna fixed up my bumpers for the cradle with new fabric and I got all that put together--its super cute!
Movement: Movin, movin, movin.. She was moving so much one night I thought I was going to be sick--and of course it was 3 am!!
Cravings: grapes--and i really want panera bread ASAP!
Aversions: french fries, still scared to even try them, so i just don't
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: my stomach gets super tight, and yesterday i was hurting a little bit, but i just sat down and took some deep breaths and I was alright..its hard to explain when this is my first real pregnancy, I don't really know whats going on..
Belly Button: still regular, looks like its getting flatter and stretching out tho
What I miss most: a good nights rest- and this is a weird one (very weird) i have never been a drinker at all, but I have never wanted a strawberry margarita so bad.. crazy pregnancy stuff i guess?? lol I could have a virgin one tho I suppose
Milestones/Looking Forward to: I go to the dr on thursday, have to do my sugar test (not really looking forward to that--hopefully i pass everything) looking forward to my baby shower and getting some pictures taken sometime soon!