Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Stop Believing..

So much for having 5 posts for the month.. it is now Oct 24, and I have NOT written all month!
Go me!! Lets see.. I've been at my new job right at a month now, and its been great! Although last week I got the stomach bug and missed 2 days-I never get sick, and whatya know.. I got sick! David was so wonderful and did a great job of taking care of me, I'm so thankful for him, that is FOR SURE. Since being sick I have missed a whole week at the gym- but have lost about 5 pounds anyways from losing everything in my system in the process of having the virus. Yuck!
Life has not been too terribly exciting here lately--David has taken up hunting a little here and there--with his new bow, i hope he gets something (besides a squirrel, PLEASE) haha! Some friends and I went out to the pumpkin patch a few weeks back, and then David and I went to the Balloon Fest this past weekend.. (unfortunately, we were not impressed) I was really hoping to ride in a balloon--my dreams were short lived :( Maybe one day..
I must get into baking some new recipes--the last things i made were peanut butter cookies and double chocolate cookies for our Rockband night!! Which i rocked of course...LOL " don't stop believing" by journey--that song was made for me.. just ask my sister and aimee.. So Don't judge, the picture of me is not the best--but i was so in the moment thats for sure!!