Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Four Things

This post is random, but I enjoy that sort of thing! This will just let you know a little bit of information about myself, whether you care or not is up to you! ha!

4 Names that I am called on a regular basis
Momma Bear

4 Jobs I've Had
Farmers Bank
City of Greenwood
--I've only had 3 real jobs--

4 Places I've Lived
Arkansas-- the only place I've lived

4 Places I've Visited

4 Favorite Foods/Places to Eat
Panera Bread- Steak & Cheddar Panini or Caesar Salad
Chik-fil-a, anything from there really!
Cheeseburgers--I love Braums, its simple and delicious

4 Things I'd Rather Not Eat/Drink
Chocolate- or sweets..don't like them, don't eat them
Broccoli- I will eat it in small quantities, but I don't enjoy it
Turkey Bacon- the real stuff is much better!
Milk- tastes like dirty creamy water to me, I will use it in my cereal, but I do NOT drink milk from a glass..yuck!

4 TV Shows I Watch
The Pioneer Woman
Cook's Country/America's Test Kitchen
Fixer Upper
Teen Mom (gotta throw a little drama in there)

4 Authors I'd Recommend
Sophie Hudson
Cecilia Ahern
Andrea Israel
Cookbooks- variety of authors, I LOVE to read cookbooks, for real!

4 Things I'm Looking forward to this year
Making new memories with David & Avery
My sister is having her 2nd baby
Making a stand for myself (this is a constant struggle that I am working on)
Doing a major overall on my house (decorate, purge, clean, etc.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Roller Coaster

I often wonder how I got to this point in my life. It's like a roller coaster ride- I'm hollering at the top of my lungs, because I'm beyond ready to get off this ride. I'm not sure anymore what enticed me to jump in the seat. Have you ever felt that way? Some days, I feel like for whatever reason, I just stay in the seat and never get out, or the handle bars are stuck- just ride it over and over again, like a thrill junkie.

I continue to hold on, and just get down on my hands and knees and pray for guidance, protection, healing. I am in constant, non stop prayer I feel like--even though I may not say "amen" at the end, its just an open on-going conservation with God- I'm not sure when it will be finished, but God knows.

I just have to press on, trust and know that HE has got this, HE always does and always will. I am going to make it. No matter the outcome, the circumstances, the hurt that may follow- I will make it.