Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stay with me..

Life is all over the place-as will this blog be..
I am really into the song "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith.. love love love it. I could seriously listen to it over and over. And I just might do that from time to time! My husband says its just depressing music- but to each is own right?
I've been in constant prayer that my husband gets hired on at this temporary job-the process has been approved, so I'm still praying that it continues and he is hired on-it would definitely not only be an answered prayer, but a great stress reliever for our family-financially and emotionally.
I want to start doing some work to our home, make some changes so we can enjoy it more. I would like to paint the kitchen cabinets, paint the wainscoting in the dining room (have I mentioned how much I hate that stuff-its the cheap peel and stick on kind and it sucks-just thought you should know). Avery isn't able to enjoy our home, besides being in her own bedroom b/c we don't have carpet in the living area, & sense we have dogs I don't want her getting all nasty-which is totally unfair to her b/c she is walking and really wants to explore & I feel as though I am holding her back because of our pets. Don't get me wrong, I love our dogs, but I want Avery to go wherever she pleases and not to be so paranoid about it.

Did I mention that I have a 1 year old (13 months to be exact) that is walking and talking (she may only say "daddy" but still)- I can not get over how big she is getting and so fast! Its crazy. She has 2 teeth-and 2 more coming in. Teething has been a slow process but I've heard the longer it takes for them to come in, the better her teeth will be in the long run- I sure hope that's right. I will have to get her birthday pictures posted-she loved having everyone over, but did NOT like the cake, which is fine by me. I made a cake a few weeks ago and she ate it though, plain of course, no icing.. haha! Momma's girl for sure! She loves to read her books, even if they are upside down, she doesn't mind haha! She is beginning to do better about sleeping her bed at night- but always ends up in the bed with me sometime in the night. She is still a good shopper, loves to go out and wave at everybody. I'm pleasantly surprised and blessed I know, bc she is such an easy going kid-she was like that as an infant and it continues-so far so good!