Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's Time to Move On

A new door has opened, and I'm walking through the threshold. (I would like to be running or knocking the threshold down- but for right now, I'll just take my time and be patient). A job opening has come up at work- and I have decided to take it. This particular situation has come up before and the timing was not right for me, so I did not pursue it. However, everything has fallen into place & I know its the right time. Before, Avery's childcare situation would not have worked and it would be a struggle--but she has finally got in to the preschool here in town and then about two weeks into that I was offered this position, and I knew it was God's way of saying--here's your path, take the step! I am excited and nervous. It will definitely be stressful learning something new, but at the same time is going to relieve so much stress that I currently have.

I know the transition will be just that, a transition. But for my own state of mind, my own happiness, and for the sake of those that are around me- this is going to help, I just know it! I will be sad to leave those whom I work with everyday- but I will still be working for the City- just in a different capacity, and in a different building!! Whoohoo!! It's a brand new building- that's exciting to me. haha!

I'm learning slowly not to be afraid of change- yes, it can be bad and frightening, but I know it can also be GOOD! So don't be passive and just stay put because that's what everyone else wants you to do... Go for what YOU want- what's best for you and your family. Every "work" position is replaceable, don't forget that. People will say "you can't leave- no one can do what you do everyday".... there is always someone, somewhere that can do your job, that has done your job, and will do your job in the future- so don't stay because of guilt- b/c the guilt will eventually eat you alive. That's for sure!

Wish me luck- I'm counting down the days!