Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Months.. good grief!

5 Months.. are you kidding me?? seems like 5 weeks instead.
Age: see above.. 5 months..
Weight: have not had a current weigh in for this month, but I'm gonna guess about 14 pounds, I think she has finally doubled her birth weight!
Height: same as the weight, no current height check but i bet she is at least up an inch from last month
Hair/Eye color: Blondie! Sometimes it really looks red, but its mostly just blonde. Eyes are becoming much lighter blue
Likes: loves to laugh at the dogs, and bathtime of course! still enjoys riding in the car, and is happy to just go with the flow.
Dislikes: there isn't much that can upset this girl, unless she's super hungry and you aren't getting the bottle fast enough.. or if the Imagination movers are on disney--she doesn't like that!
Memorable Moments/New: she is really looking you right in the eye now which is really sweet (she would always look in your general direction) but she is now looking you straight in the eyes! We layed her down in the floor and let Boscoe walk around and she just laughed until she couldn't laugh anymore--he didn't even touch her.. it was pretty cute! Starting to really slobber alot, I'll be curious to see if some teeth start showing up soon.