Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Praying for my Spouse

Every single day, I pray for my spouse. When I feel like there is NO ONE in my life that I can share my heart and share my struggles with, when it comes to my own personal issues- I know that I can pray about it, I know that I am not in control of my husbands life, but I do know who is.

Marriage can be rough, it can be wonderful, it can put you on edge, it can make you feel joyous...so many emotions all the time. I read blogs, see pictures on Instagram--and often feel jealousy, thinking and wishing that was my life, and how I wish my marriage was perfect or just better for that matter. But when I really truly think about it, a picture is just that, a picture. That couple/family could have been arguing just 5 minutes before, they could be going through a super rough patch in their relationship, a picture is just a picture. And honestly, I have to remind myself of that. Others could see my pictures and be imagining the same thing- how is her life so great? Yet, we really never know the details of each image we see, or why in the world a spouse is saying "I love you" so many times on facebook. Is it all a fa├žade? or is it real?

I think what I'm getting at is that, I need to focus on my own relationship, instead of wondering and wishing to know about someone else's. I need to put that devotion into praying and supporting my spouse and asking him to do the same for me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My First Job

My first job--Child labor job was working with my dad. He has his own tile business, and when we were old enough, we were just special enough to get the awesome job title of "gopher". At first, I honestly did not understand what that meant--remember, I was young. Then, I quickly learned it meant "go for this and go for that". However, the good thing about working with dad is that you got to spend a lot of time with him, I am a daddy's girl, so it really did mean a lot to me, and he DID pay us! Ceramic Tile work is HARD work.. bags of heavy grout, big boxes of tile, buckets of water filled to the brim-- man, it wasn't for sissies.
Now, my first real "legit" job, as in 16 years old, taxes are being deducted, fun adult stuff, was at Wal-Mart. Whoop whoop. Now granted, when you are young, you really just care about the money your making- and also when your friends don't have jobs, you think life is unfair, but I honestly wouldn't take it back. My co-workers began some of my great friends and my dad making us kids get a job as soon as we were of age was a great life skill to learn early in life. And let me tell you, I held the title of highest IPH (items per hour) ever! No kidding, I was the first 4 Star Cashier for the walmart that opened in our town and I was a great sacker too... (which still irks me when I go to walmart, and the cashier can't sack worth a flip, its NOT that hard-come on!) sorry, I have to vent about that.. and in all reality, I put my food/items on the belt as they should be packed together, and sometimes they STILL manage to mess it up. Good grief!
This picture is actually after I had worked there a while a was promoted to Customer Service Manager--so I got to switch from the blue vest to the red one, and then of course work a lot more... oh well, it was fun! I remember those days well, I could stay up til 2 in the morning, no problem.. Now, it literally makes me sick to stay up like that--to be young again! ha!