Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apples & Rashes.. oh my!

Things have got quite busy lately- Avery is walking like crazy, getting into everything, growing, talking-- saying Momma (every 2 seconds), which don't get me wrong, I could NOT wait for her to say momma... but I knew in the back of my mind, it might get a tad bit annoying, especially when EVERYTHING is momma.. everything! I would not trade it for anything else in the world, and I know that one day "momma" will be the last thing she even wants to say (ya know, when she's a teenager and she hates me..i know that day will come way sooner than I can imagine). But nevertheless, I will take it all day, every day! A couple of weeks ago, Avery was up and down with a on again/off again fever all week, and then just when we thought it was all over--a rash breaks out. Now let me tell you, she has never had an allergic reaction to anything (so far, knock on wood)- we have been so fortunate, she is such an easy going, healthy girl-- I just about panicked.. but of course I did my online research and figured she probably had roseola. She had all the symptoms, but I made a doctors appt just to be sure- my mom thought she had measles, my mother in law thought it was chickenpox... so I needed an expert opinion- Roseola was the verdict. No big deal, should go away by the weekend the doc said- and he was right. She was all better by Sunday evening, but boy did she look miserable.. Poor baby.

On another note, I have not made one apple pie this year (which is totally unlike me)-but I have found, things aren't as easy when you have a little one. Spur of the moment ideas just don't happen so easily anymore- but babies do take naps! Just enough time for me to get in the kitchen. So I whipped up my all time favorite, homemade, all from scratch apple pie.. (obviously I did not grow the apples or anything..hahaha- but you get the idea)

Also, look at this awesome kitchen towel I got at Target-on clearance I might add, I was stoked!! I am really into kitchen stuff, especially Mixers, so I was so happy that I found these.