Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Mornings

Monday's... Ya gotta love them right?  Not so much. I try to just think of it as another day- so I get over it quicker.   Usually Sunday nights I make sure all our laundry is ready for the week-- get all of Avery's snacks packed up and juice ready.     
The more I get ready the easier my morning goes-- and trust me, I need all I can get! 
I've had the discussion with my husband that it's best if we don't have any "real" conversations in the morning b/c I tend to take things the wrong way and get upset. Maybe I should start drinking coffee, wonder if that would make me start each day with a better attitude lol. 
Some days Avery is a bear in the mornings (like her momma) but some days she's happy and ready to get going. 
A little hopscotch to start the day- I should've went out and did it too!! Haha! 

To have the energy of a 2 year old- I long for it once in a while, but good grief I don't think I could keep up for too long. But, Avery still gets a nap every day- I could certainly handle that!! 
Tuesday will be here soon and we will start all over again. Happy Monday!!