Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Recipe Night

I've started a new thing to help me become, not only a better cook but a better wife--in the long run.
New Recipe Night!!! Once a week, I pick out a new recipe that I haven't made before and try my hand at it.. some are hits, some not so much--trial and error.. and this way I can add more meals to our regular schedule ya know.. like i have a handful of meals that i know how to make and its easy to get worn out on those.. so repetitive right??

So, I usually try a new recipe on Wednesdays, but sometimes things come up.. don't worry-- i still try a new recipe just change the day! If you know me, if i skip one week, you better just forget all about it.. so i make it mandatory to do this once a week, EVERY week!
Would you like to know some of the new meals? I thought so..lol
We have tried: Turkey Chilequilas... got this idea from Sandra Lee on Semi Homemade... wasn't too bad, i had to tweak the recipe a little and use ground turkey instead of leftover turkey.. it wasn't too terrible, but not a do over thats for sure!
Chicken Tortilla Soup-- in the crockpot.. OMG this was sooo good! i got this from another blog i read, and let me tell you--there were NO leftovers after day 2.. we cleaned that up!
Potato Soup-- i have never been a fan of potato soup, but i thought well maybe i can make it, and i might like it.. it was OK.. i still don't have the taste for it.. but David did like it, we had so much left over, he took a big bowl to work and some of them even wanted the recipe..thanks Betty Crocker!
Easy Beef Stew... made in the crockpot... When i got home after work and checked on the beef, i thought it was ruined! My crockpot tends to cook really hot, and the sides of it were burnt up! I was like great, i spent almost 7 dollars on stew meat just for it to ruin, but i only had to throw a few pieces out.. i poured the stew over some egg noodles, so good! i will definitely need to figure out how to tweak this so it doesn't burn.. (maybe get a new crock pot) who knows..
Meatloaf.. out of a Paula Dean cookbook i have. This was amazing as well.. The only difference in this recipe that was different from most recipes is that it had chopped onions and bell peppers, which really did give a lot of texture and flavor.. I'm not usually a fan of meatloaf bc its so thick and tends to be dry- but this one was great.. and of course a side of mashed potatoes only made it better!
I'm thinking thats about all the new recipes I have tried so far.. gotta get to looking at my new Southern Cooking Cook book i got for christmas and also my Heart Healthy cook book that i got for my birthday.. I'm finally putting all those to good use!