Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day in my/our life...

So this weekend was good... Friday after work we had to run to my dads bc his ac unit upstairs wasn't working, and then we stopped by moms on the way home to check on hers too.. Ok so I didn't do anything except supervise, David did it all of course! I did carry some tools at one point! Saturday morning I got up and read the newspaper outside, around was windy and overcast and just nice to be outside! Then me and mom went to town..kohls, Tuesday morning, we were supposed to go to the dollar tree..but we forgot I guess..then we went at lunch at joes pizza and pasta...WOW..sooo good! Then hit up big lots, where I got dog food for 50 cents a can..which is a great deal! And some laundry det for $2.50! Then we went to office depot, I was in search of a small binder that I could put all my coupons in..yes I know, the major couponers use a big binder..but it's just me and David and I don't want to buy a bunch of crap we will never ever use ya know? I did find a business card holder, which holds 100 cards.. 100 coupons for me that is! After that..we stopped at Wally world and mom picked up some steaks and we decided we would grill at my house..we headed home after that, it was HOT! I got the house cleaned up and the steaks and her boyfriend came over and so did grandpa..we had steak, potatoes in the oven, bread, and corn on the cob..I know, starchy!! Lol after dinner, we decided to go nice!
Sunday..I missed church, I guess sat really took it out of me..I ran to michaels and some more good David a razor for$2.54 and some dog treats for $1 and also some bathroom cleaner for $1.48 (which I really need to go use lol). I made lunch when I got back and then decided to go swimming again..I'm hoping maybe I'll get a lil tan one day! Other than that..I think it wraps up my weekend..boring I know!