Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Being a Mom.. a real one, to a BABY

Becoming a mother is quite a trip. Things have definitely changed, some for the better, others not so much. Adjustments have been made for sure, and we are figuring it out. I think (i hope) that being a mom has come pretty naturally to me. I feel like I have a handle on it most days, I am human and I fall apart once in a while (mostly just when theres a major diaper blowout and I need some serious help!!) but other than that I'm good. I feel as though my hormones have balanced themselves out--going back to work has put us all on a better schedule, and I feel like that really helps. I am getting plenty of rest, the baby is a fantastic sleeper, we are surely blessed! She is a wonderful, easy going baby! I love her so much. I just knew the first day back at work I would lose it and just cry, but I held it together, and just reminded myself that I would see her in a few hours, and I did just fine. ( i don't think she really noticed that I was gone.. ) It was hard leaving her, but I knew that she was in good hands and things would work out, and they have.
I can't wait to see the growth/changes of my little girl.. will she look like me? like her daddy? what kind of personality will she have? blonde hair? blue eyes? Will she be a daddy's girl? all these things, I just can't hardly wait. I know I know.. cherish her as a baby--and I will, but I'm just excited about the future and I know it will get here too soon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

New mom, work, hormones, etc

It's back to work I go.. I'm looking forward to getting on a schedule, I am NOT looking forward to leaving my babe. I suppose it's my fault, but I have not left her with anyone except my husband for more than an hour and 15 minutes.. And now I am going back to work, and will have to go about 4-5 hrs without her the first day. How will she do? Will she cry and miss me? What if she just needs to hear the sound of my voice or the beat of  my heart? She is probably a lot tougher than her ol mom. I know I will get used to it and she will be just fine, but its nerve wrecking! 
I just have to be focused and know and remember that it could be worse, I do get to come home and see her everyday on lunch break so that's a major plus! 
I will definitely treasure and enjoy my last few days at home with her, even tho she probably doesn't know and won't know the difference, for a while anyhow. 
I am looking forward to some adult interaction ha! But then I'm sure I will long for some baby interaction too!! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

1 Month Old

I'm thinking if I don't start talking about food on this here blog, I might want to consider changing the name of it!
Our little miss is now officially 1 month old! wow!! It seems like she should really only be about 2 weeks old, but time sure flies, that is for sure!!
Age: 1 month (as of July 4)
Weight: 7lbs 7 oz, still not quite up to birth weight, but we are getting there ounce by ounce, and the pediatrician is encouraged by how she looks and how much she is eating
Height: 20 1/4 inches (long and lean) just like her daddy
Hair/Eye Color: dirty blonde hair/eyes are a super dark grayish blue still ( i will be curious to see if they change or not)
Likes: loves to take a bath, loves to be outside
Dislikes: hates getting out of the bath, and hates having to get her nose suctioned! (who wouldn't right??)
Memorable moments: having a major blowout at 3 am... and then 2 days later, having another major blowout all over your daddy!
You are certainly growing each and every day! I think your looks are changing and your really getting bigger and bigger every day. Sometimes the only thing that soothes you is being up against Mommy's chest and just being held (and thats always a good spot!). Daddy loves to rub noses with you, and I think you just tolerate it for him (haha). You only cry when your hungry or when your belly is upset, and you always get the hiccups in the middle of the night. Overall, your a very good baby and just go with the flow. Your a wonderful car rider and always do good at the doctors office. We took you to Sam's Club and you slept the entire time, everyone ooh'ed and ahh'ed over you, I was one proud Momma for sure!
I can't wait for you to keep growing and get to that 8lb mark, I know it won't be long!!