Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holy Cow

A couple weeks back David called me late on a friday night while I was at work, and asked if I wanted to go out and eat at The Red Barn..i said sure, he made reservations, and I was excited! We had never been to the red barn, i heard it was really good and a great spot for a romantic dinner--which we don't have often..
Anyways, we ordered our food and were just talking and having a good time..David had recently started up a facebook account and got in touch with some friends from Georgia..he said he felt like it was time to grow up and that all of his friends had grown up and were starting families and that he felt as though he was still trying to live in the past... (holding on to the past for dear life, is more like it..haha)
But the point of all of this..he said he was ready to let them swim...LOL What i mean by this is, he said he was ready to have kids.. I wanted to make sure that he wasn't just doing this because everyone else was--was he just feeling pressured to have kids because he was behind? I needed to be sure this was HIS decision... At this point, at the restaurant, I was almost embarrassed i think, i was in so much shock i didn't know what to do or say..
But we have talked and I know that he is ready, but now I'm wondering if I am ready.. I think I'm just nervous now--am I ready ? I'm freaking out.. I know we have plenty of time, and I'm reminding myself of that.. But i think once we get pregnant, I'll have 9 months to get ready for everything right? lol I don't want to plan it though, I just want it to happen as it should, Gods plan is wayyyy better than our plan.. its not just way is better! you get the point..
So I'm praying that if it should happen for us, it will... maybe i need to buy some baby books..haha.. (not really, not yet anyways)