Thursday, October 10, 2013


Being a working mom is tough. I have to admit, I have a very blessed life. I am able to have someone come into my home and take of my little one while I am working. That does not make me feel any less guilty by any means. I wish I could be at home with her each & every day, going on outings, and just watching her every move. I know I will miss alot of milestones/firsts... but I know that to provide for her financially I have to work.
Avery is such an easy going girl, which does make things pretty easy. But don't get me wrong, we all have our moments. Tiredness, stress, irritability- all these things are normal, & we just work through it. She is a wonderful night sleeper, but let me be honest, she does sleep in the bed with us. I know what your thinking, we are gonna regret this, but ya know, its what works for us at this moment, so thats why we do it. She enjoys it and so do we.. and one day we will get our bed back, even if that means when she's 4 years old. oh well!
We don't really have any sort of schedule. We feed when she's hungry, which is usually every 3-4 hours. But if she acts hungry after 2 1/2, by all means I will be glad to fix another bottle, no big deal. She sleeps when she gets tired- some days she takes a few hour long naps, other days she may only take one or two 15 minute naps. We do tummy time until she's had enough of that, read books, swing, sit outside when the weather is nice, and watch DisneyJr or the Baby Channel (yes, i let her watch tv..) I don't always give her a bath every day, but sometimes I do. I normally shoot for every other evening, she enjoys it so much and just loves to splash splash splash!
Life has its moments.. But as a mother, I'm learning that my life is now my child. Yes, I do remember that i have a husband too, and dogs. But life has certainly changed, and I am certainly blessed more than I know.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 Months..

I can't hardly believe that we are already here..
Age: 4 Months (wow!!)
Weight: 12 lbs 6 1/2 ounces. I'm so excited! She is getting soo big, I love to see her grow and change each and every day.
Height: 24inches (always growing in length for sure) Tall and skinny girl (dr said she is in the 25th percentile) but he said she is just going right along as she has since the day she was born and looks really healthy
Hair/Eye color: Blondie! Daddy says her eyes are looking gray, but really they are just getting a lighter blue color
Likes: loves watching the Baby Channel, and anything on Disney Jr, she loves to talk talk talk to the tv as well. Loves bath time still, and playing "earthquake" on the bed..haha! she will just laugh and laugh.
Dislikes: she's still an easy going girl, there isn't much that makes her mad, except the hiccups..that will aggravate her- and still doesn't enjoy being burped!
Memorable Moments: Still hearing that giggle is the best thing! She is really starting to grunt alot- Daddy always thinks she is pooping, but nope! just making new noises, and starting to squeal sometimes too. She is really starting to keep an eye on the dogs now and watches them very intently!