Saturday, July 17, 2010

Something must be in the water... There are so many people getting pregnant. I'm not so much jealous, but more worried about when it's going to happen for us. I know that the time will come when it's supposed to...when God has planned it to happen...but what if Gods plan for us is not to have kids..I know that I need to be patient and trust Him, it's just eating away at me, ya know?
I am only human..I have wants, I have expectations...when truly I need to think of the desire that God has for my life, for our life, and the life of a child if we were to receive one..
I suppose I'm just anxious, and I know, I'm only 23..there is plenty of time for little ones, and at heart I'm still considered a little one. In my heart I'm just terrified that maybe I won't be able to have children...don't ask why I feel that way..I just do, and I hope and pray that I'm mistaken...

Just holding my niece, Reiya much love I know I could and want to give a child just pulls on my heartstrings..whatever the plans are, I'm ready..I just have to remember there is a plan for David and I...I just need to wait and be patient..very patient...very

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OUr house is a very very very fine house.. with 12 dogs in the yard.

David and I are now the proud owners of 3 dogs.. not one, not two, but THREE dogs.. wow. I would have never ever in my life imagine having 3 dogs --much less 3 dogs in the house. At times it is very frustuating.. with feeding, and keeping them from fighting, keeping them occupied and not tearing up or digging in the trash.
But for now, these dogs are my kids--and I do love them as my children. They are a bit annoying from time to time...but they are always loving, and always excited when you come home. They wait at the door for us and love to just sit in our lap and nap..
We have had Harley for close to two years now, she was our spoiled baby..thats for sure. We let her sleep in the bed with us, and let her get away with biting our ankles. We brought Rex home a few months ago.. he is such a sweet, calm dog, and has been able to really make Harley chill out a But unfortunately, Harley had to move out of our bed.. That took some getting used to, I really did miss her rolling over in the morning and just letting me pet her and love her.. that was the one time she was just completely a sweetheart.
About 2 weeks ago, we brought Boscoe home.. he is a male boxer, 10 weeks old. I have to remain patient and remember that he is still a pup.. but he is doing just great. He just has to remember that he is MUCH bigger than harley and rex.. lol He is a goofy dog, and I swear he can talk.
I suppose when I lost Roscoe (our other weenie) about a year ago, I have had a hard time filling that spot, and I'm just looking for the right thing to do that.. Don't misunderstand, I don't think 3 dogs will do the trick by any means.. 1 dog could do that. But I just have a soft spot now for a little partner with four legs..