Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Four Things

This post is random, but I enjoy that sort of thing! This will just let you know a little bit of information about myself, whether you care or not is up to you! ha!

4 Names that I am called on a regular basis
Momma Bear

4 Jobs I've Had
Farmers Bank
City of Greenwood
--I've only had 3 real jobs--

4 Places I've Lived
Arkansas-- the only place I've lived

4 Places I've Visited

4 Favorite Foods/Places to Eat
Panera Bread- Steak & Cheddar Panini or Caesar Salad
Chik-fil-a, anything from there really!
Cheeseburgers--I love Braums, its simple and delicious

4 Things I'd Rather Not Eat/Drink
Chocolate- or sweets..don't like them, don't eat them
Broccoli- I will eat it in small quantities, but I don't enjoy it
Turkey Bacon- the real stuff is much better!
Milk- tastes like dirty creamy water to me, I will use it in my cereal, but I do NOT drink milk from a glass..yuck!

4 TV Shows I Watch
The Pioneer Woman
Cook's Country/America's Test Kitchen
Fixer Upper
Teen Mom (gotta throw a little drama in there)

4 Authors I'd Recommend
Sophie Hudson
Cecilia Ahern
Andrea Israel
Cookbooks- variety of authors, I LOVE to read cookbooks, for real!

4 Things I'm Looking forward to this year
Making new memories with David & Avery
My sister is having her 2nd baby
Making a stand for myself (this is a constant struggle that I am working on)
Doing a major overall on my house (decorate, purge, clean, etc.)

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