Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Whats Up Wednesday

Here I am, back again... with great intentions of regular blogging.
What I'm Eating: Currently, at this very moment, I'm not eating anything.. but as of late, I have really just been into whatever is easy..lots of eggs & taco salads to be honest haha!

What I'm Reminiscing About: Hmm... this is a hard one, since I've started this workout program, I'm thinking back to the days when being thin wasn't hard, it was just there.

What I'm Loving: I am loving this weather, its not been hotter than 85 degrees here in Arkansas, super cool in the mornings, the wind is blowing slightly all day- it's so nice-- I am just waiting for the leaves to change colors!

What I've been up to: Like I said earlier, I have began a workout class here in our town, 5am during the week, at first it was super hard--getting up early, being so sore I could hardly do anything...but its definitely much better now, I am on round 2--getting up at 4:30am is really no big deal (especially for this girl whos in bed by 9pm at the latest!...don't judge)

What I've been dreading: Nothing that I can think of really. Paying personal property taxes, that's a good one right?

What I'm excited about: All the fall festivals that are coming up; pony rides, food, pumpkin patches.. fun stuff, especially for Avery! There is an old house a church here in town owns, and around October they always sell pumpkins-- we went last year, and every time we pass this old house Avery always says "that's the pumpkin store"

What I'm working on: I have been in the mood to start actually decorating my house, so I'm working on that slowly, getting ideas and such. I have a theme in mind, but I'm just not a "decorator"-- I wish I knew someone that needed a house to work on, ya know like a sample job haha! Just come decorate mine and you can photograph everything for your portfolio or whatever.

What I'm reading: I am currently reading "the power of a praying wife", our ladies class at church is about to begin the study on this book, so I've been reading through it again.

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